Rubio Says Demings is

Rubio Says Demings is "Easiest" Debate He's Done

“Why would anyone in their right mind want to leave the same people in charge that have done that over two years to our country?”

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 20, 2022

Last Tuesday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) and Florida Rep. Val Demings (D) faced off in a debate. Discussing a number of topics including inflation, the state of the country, and abortion rights, both Demings and Rubio exchanged verbal blows in the hopes of procuring support.

With some media outlets highlighting Senator Rubio’s performance during the debate, Rubio is now back on the campaign trail, sharing that Demings was the "easiest" debate he's taken part in.

During an appearance on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show, the Florida Republican further criticized Democrats in power, commenting on President Joe Biden’s (D) first term in office as well.

Given that Biden is President and Democrats control both the House and the Senate, Rubio said that “in the last two years, everything’s worse.”

“Inflation’s worse, gas prices, five million people have come across the border illegally,” Rubio detailed, adding that “crime is surging across the country.” Because of this, Rubio questioned “why would anyone in their right mind want to leave the same people in charge that have done that over two years to our country?”

On the issues of inflation and rising gas prices, Rubio explained that “the common sense that tells you if we’re not producing enough oil and other countries decide to cut back, there’s going to be less oil and the price is going to go up.” As a result, “we now find ourselves in this position that he’s put us in, which is unbelievable, and that is we can’t produce any more oil because the lefties are going to go nuts, as they do, in his own party.”

After the debate, Rubio's team was confident that the incumbent senator displayed a winning performance.

In response to Demings' performance, Mark Morgan, Rubio's campaign manager, expressed that Demings proved "she’s a Pelosi Puppet who would be a rubber stamp for the Democrats’ radical agenda in the Senate just as she has been in the House."

"In her six years in Congress, Demings has failed to deliver a single meaningful result for Florida, and repeatedly proved she will always side with the interests of the Democratic Party over the needs of Floridians,” Morgan added.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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